5EC, 2014

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Heroes Make It Happen



Saving Green Day

By Maddison, Breannon, Jasmine, Edwin and Adrain

Heroes Make it Happen by ecanning on GoAnimate

By Rebecca, Angelique, Shakira, Jacinta and Mia


By Daniel, Marcus, James, Andrew and Thomas


Capture Capture2


By Ruby, Nath, Jordan, Theo and Rachel

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St Peter's is currently in the running to win a $5,000 grant which will be used to help us expand our community 
kitchen garden. The grant is awarded solely on the largest amount of votes received. As such it would be greatly 
appreciated if you could spare a moment, if you would please vote for us at the link below.
The process is simple and takes less than 20 seconds. If you have colleges or family who are able to submit a vote 
for us too, even better. Every vote counts!
Your support is greatly appreciated.


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Inanimate Alice Trailer


This term we are going to explore the world of Inanimate Alice. Below is the trailer for her stories.
We are going to create a list of questions and wonderings. Remember to use your critical thinking skills and knowledge of questioning.

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The Fruits and Gift of the Holy Spirit


This term we will learn about ‘The Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit’. Below are a number of texts that you may refer to to help you develop your initial understandings. Look at the pictures and watch the clips then leave a blog comment using AT LEAST 3 of De Bono’s hats to support your thinking.

White Hat: What I know about the Holy Spirit.
Yellow Hat: How can the Holy Spirit have a positive impact on me in my own life?
Black Hat: What are some negatives about the Holy Spirit?
Red Hat: What emotions do I associate with the Holy Spirit? (These could be emotions about how it makes you feel or how you feel about learning about the Holy Spirit)
Blue Hat: When learning about the Holy Spirit what kinds of thinking will I need to use?
Green Hat: What creative ways could I think of that I could display the Holy Spirit’s presence in my life?

Make sure you mention which hats you have chosen when you post your comment.


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*How could you use personification in you written work to make it more engaging?
*List as many examples of personification as you can.

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Song Writing


*What examples of engaging language can you identify in the song ‘Let It Go’? Include the quote as well as what type of language it is eg simile, adjective.
*Comment on how the instrumental background enhances the message in the song.


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Use the following song to remind you how to divide fractions.


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Life Is Good



  • Watch the clip and then discuss as a blog comment in what way you see life as being good.
  • What does this mean to you as a Christian following in Jesus’ footsteps?
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Habitats for Plants


Part 1:

  • A habitat is where a living thing lives (DM)
  • Inhabit means to live or dwell in a place as persons or animals (BD)
  • An inhabitant is
  • Habitats that we know about are rainforest (RR), wetlands (JC), mountains (MC), bush (MF), reef (TF), ocean (AC), desert (JS)

Part 2:

  • The 4 things plants need to survive are AIR (NB), WATER (RP), SUN/LIGHT (TK), SOIL 
  • Plant needs differ from the needs of insects and animals because:
  • How are habitats and plants linked?
  • Can we call our garden a habitat? YES

Part 3:

Click on the picture below to explore the 360 degree images.



  • How much WATER is there? Are there wet and dry areas?
  • How much SOIL is there? Do you think this varies from area to area?
  • How much LIGHT is there? Are there bright and dark areas?
  • What will the AIR be like? Windy? Still? Hot? Cold?


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The Majestic Plastic Bag


What new learnings have you made after watching the clip?

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