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Life Is Good


  Watch the clip and then discuss as a blog comment in what way you see life as being good. What does this mean to you as a Christian following in Jesus’ footsteps?

Habitats for Plants


Part 1: A habitat is where a living thing lives (DM) Inhabit means to live or dwell in a place as persons or animals (BD) An inhabitant is Habitats that we know about are rainforest (RR), wetlands (JC), mountains (MC), bush (MF), reef (TF), ocean (AC), desert (JS) Part 2: The 4 things plants need […]

The Majestic Plastic Bag


What new learnings have you made after watching the clip?

Endangered Animals


Animals that are at risk are placed into various catergories to describe the level of threat they are under. PART 1: The following 2 links will help you to understnad the various levels that animals are placed under. Have a look at the information to develop your knwoledge.   PART 2:       -Look at the information on […]

Botanic Gardens Excursion


On Tuesday we will have an excursion to the Botanic Gardens as part of our inquiry. For the morning session we will stay together as a class group and complete a scavenger hunt. Look at the map below as well as the to think about 2 things that could be added to the scavanger hunt. […]

St Peter’s Community Kitchen Garden


At St Peter’s we know that it is important to make sure that we care for our environment. We have decided to start a community kitchen garden to do our part for the environment. 5EC along with Fatima, Rosa and Kerry from OSHC and Frank, a parishinor will begin work on the garden soon. EXPLORE […]

Metaphor Poems


This week in writing we have started looking at poetry. We explored how poems can take differnt forms and wrote our own metaphor poems.

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