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Watch the clip and look at the images of the possessions of people from around the world. Leave a comment with the following: As a society how are we careful/careless with what we consume? How are you a consumer? How can you connect to the images and video? How are you different from what is […]

Multiplying Decimals


Click here for examples

New Beginnings: Australian of the Year


Tricia Broardbridge and Tan Le both recieved the Young Australian of the Year award for their contributions to Australia and making new beginnings. Find out more about them by clicking the links below.   Tricia Broardbridge  ***********       ************   Tan Le     What experiences have you had with new beginnings? What […]

Habitat Heroes


See below for help to complete your HABITAT HERO at home:

Term 1 Student Reflections


We hope you have a HAPPY holiday.


Stations of the Cross


When learning about Lent we watched the following clip on the Stations of the Cross. After that we left a comment with 12 key words relating to the stations of the cross. These words were then copied into the program WORDLE to create a word plash of key words. The more frequently a word appeared, […]

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