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Week 8 Homework


Click here for homework sheet.

Thinking about Lent and reflection using the thinking hats.


In your group rewatch the video the leave a comment responding to the thinking hats questions below.   WHITE HAT: What did you find out about Lent? RED HAT: What are your feelings during the Lenten Season? GREEN HAT: How can you live in Jesus’ way during Lent? BLACK HAT: What are the negatives surrounging […]

Parent input on life skills.


Each week as part of homework, students are required to select and carry out a life skill for the 3 tasks listed on their homework sheet. Life skills are simple tasks that are carried out in daily life. We would love to have parents share life skills that they would like to see appear in […]

Week 6 Review


This week saw us participate in a number of activties to mark the first week of Lent. On Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with pancakes. On Wednesday we were involved in a whole year 5 Ash Wednesday Litugy. In literacy we has started looking at persuasive texts. We have explored persuasive techniques such as rhetorical […]

Week 7 Homework


WEEK 7 HOMEWORK: DUE 14/3/14   Week 7 Home work Sheet Have you misplaced your statistics recording sheet? CLICK HERE    

Choc-Chip Cookie Coal Mining


In inquiry we have discussed renewable and non-renewable energy sources. We have looked at coal and the fact that it is non-renewable. Today in inquiry we are going to do our own coal mining to see the impacts that it can have. FIRST: Let’s watch a short video about the Hazelwood Power Station, a brown […]

Australian Population Data


Click the picture below to view current Australian population statistics. Find the current population of each of the capital cities and add them onto the map of Austalia you were given in class. Write the population in both words and numbers on you map. In you maths book list the cities and their current population […]

Week 6 Reading Group Task


INFERRING:   Inferring is taking what you already know and adding it to information from the text to draw an informed conclusion. Use your inferring skills to complete this week’s reading task. Step1: Watch the short clip:   Step 2: LEAVE A COMMENT RESPONDING TO ANY 2 QUESTIONS FROM BELOW. (Make sure you PUT THE […]

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