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Week 9 Review


This week was filled with lots of exciting whole school activites. On Wednesday we began the day with walk to school day. Walk to school day was organisied by the students in 5NB and was well supported by students in 5EC. Overall, 124 St Peter’s students participated. What a great effort! We also participated in […]



In reading this week some of the students have discussed STEREOTYPES. “Stereotyping is the act of judging a person or group of people because of the actions or behaviors of others that are similar. Stereotyping can be on people in a certain racial group, age group or even on pepole who live in a certain […]

Our Persuasive Ads


Last week in 5EC we were given 15 minutes to make the best persusaive ad for a caramel chocolate that we could come up with in the time. While we didn’t have time to finish them and make them perfect it was a good snapshot of what we can do in a small time frame. […]



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Week 9 Homework


  Click here for homework sheet. DUE 28th March



“Imagine” is a song written and performed by the English musician John Lennon. The best-selling single of his solo career, its lyrics encourage the listener to imagine a world at peace without the barriers of borders or the divisiveness of religions and nationalities, and to consider the possibility that the focus of humanity should be […]

Recommend A Book.


In 5EC we know how important it is to read often. Reading material in class often takes the form of novels, however students also understand that reading can include things such as newspapers, magazines or websites. Students are required to have reading material at school at all times for independent reading. We also have a […]

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Junior’s Blog


Did you know you can now keep up with Junior the rocks adventures on his very own blog? Visit http://juniortherock.global2.vic.edu.au to see what he has been up to. the link to his blog will also be on our blog roll on the far right column of this page all the way down. Stop by soon and […]

Week 7 Review


Week 7 Review This week we continued to learn about what it means to live like Jesus during Lent. Students reflected on how they can make a positive difference and wrote their own Lenten promises. In inquiry the students showed off their creativity when using Microsoft power point to create energy saving posters that will […]

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