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Week 5 Review


This week students further explored how they could be responsible and accountable for their learning by selecting their own tasks during reading time. Students responded well to be given a voice in their learning. When looking at place value in maths, we viewed the world population clock and were amazed by how quickly our population […]

Week 6 Homework


Week 6 Homework Sheet The needs and wants task was handed out in class.

Learning about place value in maths.


Today we looked at place value and where we would use numbers such as billions in real life. We looked at the UN world population clock to find out the current population. Below is a screen shot of the popluation at 10:37am on 26/2/14.   Click HERE to find out the current popultaion.

Week 5 Review


This week in 5EC we reflected on where we use energy in our school as part of our inquiry unit. Students identified areas where energy could possibly be saved and began work on inspecting class rooms and various other spaces in the school to see how environmentally friendly we are. Students completed working on their […]

Week 5 Homework


Week 5 Homework. Due Friday 3/3/14. CLICK HERE TO SEE YOUR HOMEWORK.    

Week 3 Review


This week students in 5EC have continued to be engaged in their learning. On Tuesday morning we attended our whole school beginning of year mass. Fr Maurie helped us further understand our school theme for this year. In reading, students looked at cause and effect. Cooper helped us understand what cause and effect is by […]

Homework: Week 4.


HOMEWORK WEEK 4  Due 21st Feb. **I have added you all to 5EC Sumdog. If there are any issues please let me know.

How am I a consumer?


Today we discussed consumerism in class as part of our inquiry unit. We looked at needs VS wants and watched the clip ‘The Secret Life of Things’. Feel free to make a comment with any connections you were able to make. You could also leave a comment about how YOU are a consumer and what […]

Week 2 in Review.


This week has been our first full week together in 5EC and what a busy week it has been! The students have been working on writing snapshots and developing similes to add to them to engage their reader. Edwin shared the simile ‘The sky is as blue as the ocean’, to explain how clear it […]

Homework Week 3.


Click the link below for this week’s homework sheet. Week 3 Homework   NOTE: If you are having trouble finding information on your energy, check out the energy myclasses that I have added you all to. It may help.

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