5EC, 2014

Join in the learning!

Week 1 Computer Task for Reading Groups.


The following tasks are to be completed during reading time on the day that your group is on computer activities. Read through ALL of the following instructions BEFORE starting to make sure you know exactly what is required of you.

-Before you start open a new presentation in Microsoft power point.

Activity 1: Multiple Intelligences Survey.

1) Visit the site:


and complete the survey to find of which of the intelligences is your strongest.

2) Use the snipping tool from in the start menu to take a screen shot of your results and paste this into the SECOND slide of the power point. Add the heading ‘Multiple Intelligences Quiz: Week 1, Term 1’.

3) Leave a comment on this post stating which were you 2 strongest intelligences. (Feel free to reply to other’s comments).

Activity 2: Learning Portfolio Cover Page.

The Power point presentation will be your learning portfolio that you will add to over the year. Spend the rest of the session designing you cover slide on the first slide with the title ‘My Learning Portfolio’ as well as your name and 5EC, 2014.

Save into 5EC room folder.

Click below for an example of the completed task from Mrs Canning.

My Learning Portfolio


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“Week 1 Computer Task for Reading Groups.”

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